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Restaurant La Galera

Cafe de Gevangenpoort

Restaurant La Galera

Cafe de Gevangenpoort

Having a nice diner in the attractively decorated and relaxt atmosphere of restaurant La Galera or eating one of the nicest fresh pizza’s in the adjacent cafe De Gevangenpoort. You can enjoy the freshly made Italian specialties in both establishments. It’s a great option to end the evening in the cafe, where there is always a special beer on tap or you can choose one of the finest wines, of which most are served by the glass.

Italian specialties

Restaurant with great atmosphere

The recently restyled restaurant La Galera has seventy seats and another forty outside in the Mediterranean-styled garden and offers enough space to anyone who wants to enjoy the Italian kitchen. You can choose several dishes with high end cuts of meat, fresh fish, freshly made pasta or a handmade pizza. Of course there are also some vegetarian dishes.

Opening hours

La Galera

7 days per week

lunch until 16:00


12:00 - 21:00


12:00 - 21:30

closed on Monday

De Gevangenpoort

12:00 - 22:00

lunch until 16:00

vr and sa:

12:00 - 02:00


10:30 - 22:00

closed on Monday

Beverage menu

The restaurant and the cafe present you a diverse assortment of wines, beer and spirits. When the menu is prepared, it’s always combined with a few especially selected Italian wines. Of course we won’t forget the beerlovers. Because out of the personal interest of the owner, He features a new craft beer every two weeks.


The wine is, just like the kitchen, mainly Italian oriented. Italy is the second biggest wine country in the world after France, so this country also offers a wide range of different tastes. La Galera distinguishes herself from other restaurants because of large variety of wines served by the glass and because of the knowledgeable service staff.


Special craft beers

To offer our guests some variety in the beer selection, cafe De Gevangenport always presents a special beer on tap. Sometimes this is a beer from a small local brewer, sometimes tailored to the season of the year. To surprise the regular guest, the special craft beer changes every two weeks so no reason to stay away.

Cafe de Gevangenpoort

Having a nice evening out

Great place for the beer- and atmosphere lover

The cafe organizes events such as live music, but there are also beer and whiskey-tastings. Of course you can just step by to have a drink or two and shoot some pool, but in the early evening there is also the possibility to have diner in the cafe. Enjoying the Italian specialties from the adjacent restaurant La Galera in the relaxt atmosphere of the cafe.


Do you want to make sure there will be a table available in the restaurant or the cafe, make sure you won't get disappointed and book your favorite table! You can fill in the form below, or you’re always welcome to give us a call.

Also there is the possibility to order our dishes to go. You can give us your order by phone and minutes later you can pick up your meal in the cafe.

Contact info

Ordering and Pickup:

0299 37 19 71

Ordering and Pickup:


0299 37 42 52


Reserve per e-mail:


Gevangenpoortsteeg 1
1135 AD  Edam


Thank you for your reservation. Your reservation will be confirmed by us as soon as possible.